bye bye class of 2012

Instructor Feedback

This routinely happens every semester with the head of graphic communications at Oklahoma City Community College interviewing students on their degree of satisfaction with both the content and the instructor. Mr. Anderson performs the interviews, half of the time informally, throughout the entire semester. All the interviews are on a one on one basis and take place in his office. For new faculty teaching this class Mr. Anderson will sit in class lectures and take notes. With the combined information the instructor is informed areas of strength and areas of improvement in the transfer of learning.

Finally, in a similar fashion to most colleges, the students fill out a survey that the Humanities administration, Mr. Anderson, and the instructor review once the class has concluded. This survey with questions gives direct assessment of their perception feedback and how students react to the learning environment.


Student Feedback

Measuring of skill acquisition happens late into the semester. The application of all prior knowledge is utilized for an important test where students recreate a basic web-site with zero help from the instructor. This critical test evaluates if the student has retained all the prior web design concepts and ability to hand code a site with no guidance. If the class performs well they are allowed to copy and paste code for their final project, since this test will determine if they have the analytical ability to troubleshoot code if it does not work.

The final project is also a strong measure of knowledge since the students are allowed to apply the HTML + image concepts in their own creative way. The front end look is just as important as the back-end code. Outside of web design specific examples the multiple choice tests administered in Moodle give a complete spread sheets on students grades and which questions where incorrect. It allows the instructor to address any knowledge gaps the following period if the majority of students answered a question incorrectly.


Environment Feedback

Considering this class focuses on the more practical job skills, the performance level would be best evaluated after the class has been completed. Ideally it would be the supervisor's assessment at web firm where the student has decided gain employment. Several open ended questions would be, was the student fully prepared to enter a work environment with the desired skills? Is there any lack of web design knowledge that could benefit the position? Since web design is constantly evolving this is also a perfect opportunity to evaluate curriculum when discussing needed skills in the field. Also, the same open ended questions would also be beneficial if asked to the students. Along with what concepts truly stayed in memory and what was forgotten after the class ended