Rob Meyers EdTech 5753 Student Implement

Plans for using information

Virtually everyone is new to computer language concepts. Do not be intimidated by large amounts of HTML code. It may seem overwhelming at first but the process of learning HTML/CSS will be piece by piece. Start thinking in computer logic. Understand computers only know when to start content and end it when you put computer language for them to follow. With the resources available you have ample time to experiment or play it safe within the curriculum plan. Either way you will finish with a full functioning web site with content of your choice.


Class is held in the graphics lab every Monday night from 5:30pm to 8:00pm. Homework and readings will be assigned weekly as the class progresses. If internet or software is an issue at home, the graphics communication lab has hours posted outside the door. The class can range to twenty students (which is the max) and 10 (which is the minimum). After 16 weeks of study the class will be concluded with your own personal web site.

Pre-corse information

“HTML Dog 2nd edition,” by Patrick Griffiths is required reading for Web Page Design 1. Please have that book before class begins. The only prerequisite for this course is minimum college entry-level reading and writing skills. However, I recommend downloading either Textwrangler (Mac) or Notepad++ (PC) if you wish to perform homework outside of the graphics lab at OCCC.


The OCCC Moodle LMS will handle attendance and grades. As work is uploaded the instructor will grade and leave comments on labs. It is the students responsibility to log into Moodle to see the feedback on assignments/labs. Tracking will be implemented in the beginning at with the sites built in progress bar and un-lockable badges. Feel free to share unlocked badges on and other social media sites to show the world your progress.