How to teach Web Design 101
In the gCom program @ OCCC

Slowly introduce the students to basic computer theories, such as navigating the Moodle LMS, and folder structure. While this process may be boring for advanced students, the instructor must remember that there are no pre-requests for this class and even the most basic computer skills can pose quite the challenge to some students. Considering a majority of the students come from a graphics communication background avoid using Adobe DreamWeaver. DreamWeaver gives students the false hope that the same "point and click" instant satisfaction that Photoshop, and other Adobe products, can be reproduced for web-design. Avoid that mindset by displaying all in-class examples with notepad editing software since, any serious role in the field requires the ability to properly analyze code.

Using Instructional Resources

Be sure to have the .mbz file to load the entire course structure created for the Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC) Moodle LMS. It has sections called "folders" which the instructor should use as weekly guidelines for each class meeting. Within the folder is a brief description of what new web-design concept they will be covering that week. Usually it will have links to other important web-sites such as and HTML Dog. To ensure students actually follow the assigned readings for the HTML Dog soft copy book, I have created several multiple choice tests that students take directly in the Moodle LMS. All multiple choice tests are based off of the assigned readings. Weekly labs and homework all have instructions in the same area students upload their work. For the labs and homework Simply have the students submit a link to their user profile since that site has its own progress tracking system. Finally, all the folders are invisible to the student until designated times. This is to keep students from jumping ahead or doing homework while the instructor is conducting the class lecture. See the schedule section below for more information on time sensitive material.

Training session

Basic course structure
How to ease students into new to computer concepts but cover any possible knowledge gap that may exist on computer/web applications. Never make assumptions on students computer skills because they are in Web Design. Several are taking this class as an elective.

Moodle LMS
The instructor will have to set the dates for when folders and the labs/homework/test when they become available. This is a perfect time for the instructor to familiarize his/her self with the course structure that has been laid out for the course. Be sure to note that after several new concepts are introduced there are a few spare days for review on whichever concept is not fully understood.

Final project
This becomes the final and greatest challenge for web-design students. Use the extra informal days to ensure students understand folder structure, CSS layout, and w3c validation. Otherwise they will be unable to create their final project and the on-the-spot test of creating a basic web site.

Further Information

Be sure to rigorously read the syllabus for this class. Which can be found on my web-site.